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Web Development

We Develop Web Application for your need with best customization possible

Android Development

We Develop Native and Smooth Android App for your Business.

iOS Development

We Develop Native and Smooth iOS App for your Business.

Web Design

We do design website for you at a reasonable pricing.P.S.Low Cost Websites are mostly designed by intern's

Windows Development

We do develop windows application .NET Framework + Native Windows10 Apps

UI/UX Design

We utilize a set of tools to deliver the best UI/UX Experience in our apps,

TizenOS  WebOS

We do develop app for you targeting Smart TV including android,webOS,TizenOS

Web Hosting

We do host website using Cloud Services, Alibaba Cloud and Amazon Web Services

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One Zero Software has extensive experience in building Web applications for organizations, both large and small. Our core products (Cloud Computing, Recomended system, Data Mining, Data Analytics) are all complex and scalable Web applications with data processing back-ends. We have expertise in using a fully open source stack with Python, Java, PHP, C#, .NET and also in the Different MVC.

One Zero Software’s development methodology for Web applications follows these steps:

  1. Gather requirements
  2. Designers create several variations of mockups
  3. Designers make iterative changes to mockups based on client feedback to create a final version of mockup
  4. Designers create clickable mockups to simulate a functioning product
  5. Begin Web application development following a Model View Controller (Services) approach
  6. Begin Quality Assurance Testing (QAT) and progress in parallel with development
  7. Provide frequent User Acceptance Testing (UAT) releases for client feedback along the way with regular status and progress updates
  8. Provide final UAT release
  9. Host on One Zero Software’s servers or deliver final site for client’s own hosting solution
The client end features a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript,JQuery, Bootstrap or React Js For Awesome Front-End. We have adopted HTML5 and CSS3, keeping browser compatibility in mind. The expert use of these technologies coupled with our scalable MVC development model on the server side creates flexible, easy-to-maintain and high quality Web applications.

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